C. • Roman legions was put into ages, each one of and this contains one hundred boys

C. • Roman legions was put into ages, each one of and this contains one hundred boys

censor (SEN soer) n. step 1. a proper to your capacity to evaluate books, video, Tv apps, etc. also to get rid of something objectionable; 2. a formal in times out-of battle just who reads post, development content, etcetera. and you can takes away things the guy/she thinks can help brand new adversary -vt. to place a text, journalist, etcetera. in order to for example cures given that just described • Comic George Carlin produced an income away from parodying the tv censor together with techniques about 7 terms and conditions you can not state on tv. • Inside the 2nd Business Battle, some one at your home received send from their loved ones on the equipped forces which had entire paragraphs blacked out-by this new censors. • On Soviet Relationship, all the papers blog post try censored. [-ed, -ing, -watercraft letter.]

100 years (SEN che ree) letter. step one. one span of 100 years; 2. a particular period of 100 years relationships right from the start out of the newest Christian (or Prominent) Era; step 3. a series, classification, or subdivision out-of a hundred • A century passed between your beginnings of your own American Civil Conflict and you will our very own engagement for the Vietnam. • Alexander the good lived in brand new 4th century B. mental (SIR ib ril or sir EEB ril) adj. step one. towards notice or the cerebrum; 2. appealing to the intelligence-not new thinking; intellectual • An emotional hemorrhage isn’t a fantastic choice. • The fresh mind cortex is the perfect place high mind functions are present. • Tchaikovsky’s songs is far more emotional than mental. specific (SOER tin) adj. 1. fixed, compensated, otherwise certain; dos. going to can be found; inevitable; step three. undoubtable; unquestionable; 4. reliable; dependable; 5. an expense, not a whole lot • • • • •

We’ll get a particular change-for the allotment to the dated vehicle. The sun’s rays is certain to go up tomorrow. It is certain one to Gary enough time the fresh new theft. You can be assured off a reasonable hearing. [-ty letter.] [Syn. sure]

difficulty (CHA linj) letter. step one. a demand to have personality; 2. questioning; a request to possess evidence or for a description; 3. a challenge or a craving to join; cuatro. people job that needs special energy; 5. a wanting to know out of a ballot or one’s right to choose -vt. to do the before things • • • • •

Obtaining the puppy to act securely is quite problems


New sentry offered the difficulty toward incoming patrol. It is problems to explain Tom’s acting so oddly. The latest Matter responded the latest Marquis’ problem so you can an effective duel. The fresh new panel representative challenged brand new visitor’s to participate in new group’s choose. • I happened to be confronted to exhibit my admission in the theater home. [-d, challenging]

Small Remark #fifteen Fulfill the term of column dos towards the phrase of line 1 which means very almost the same thing. step one. carnivorous

A certain number of people will trust one thing

reputation (KAR ik tir) letter. step one. an alternate mark; dos. any symbol or letter that is included in creating and print; step 3. version of print or handwriting; cuatro. an awesome icon otherwise mystic emblem; a code or cipher; 5. an original top quality or attribute; a characteristic; a characteristic; 6. crucial quality; nature; seven. the newest character of men and women or classification; 8. status; position; 9. an associate within the a gamble, flick, etcetera. • The newest cabinetmaker designated brand new pantry bottom with his individual character so you’re able to select it being created by your. • Omega is the final profile of the Greek alphabet. • Arabic emails are used within program out of numerals. • Philip’s handwriting has a great amount of character. • Good pyramid having an eye fixed was a character to your High Secure of your United states. • It’s the character of scorpion in order to pain indiscriminately. • I would suggest Edith because the that have character of highest type. • Sheep have the profile away from flocking along with her. • The type of the presidency is the most great-power. • Dont constantly make the suggestions of a star, even though the character the guy plays would be the fact off a physician on tv. [Syn. mood, quality]

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