TERF are a slur [ revise ]

TERF are a slur [ revise ]

TERF glossary may use some help. Excite research the article’s assertions. Any kind of is actually reliable should be acquired, and you may what exactly is maybe not are got rid of.

From inside the TERF circles combinations including the keyword «super» particularly «very upright», «awesome girl», «very lesbian» and you may «awesome feminist», for the standalone word «super» given that shorthand, all of the refer to brand new Extremely Upright meme which was popularised from the neo-Nazi agitators on 4chan in order to invalidate and you may mock trans man’s gender identities and you can validate blatant transphobia. Inside white out of each other the source and rehearse certainly transphobic anyone escort in Amarillo it is a very transphobic name.

TEHM [ modify ]

Means «Trans-Exclusionary Gay Men». Particular homosexual men TERFs make use of this title on their own and employ they so you can validate leaving out trans males.

«TERF was a beneficial slur» was an excellent spurious claim from TERFs and generally the basic react when they are slammed for their mean ideology. Individuals stating «TERF was a good slur» is pretty indeed an excellent TERF.

Terfragette [ revise ]

An attempt to recover the phrase TERF if you find yourself acting these include similar into the suffragettes who campaigned to have votes for ladies. Put since the mind-character from the TERFs.

Terven [ modify ]

A group of TERFs. Utilized «ironically» by TERFs to try to reclaim the term TERF, age.grams. «oh zero, we are the worst terven!»

#TheyCallMeTerf [ change ]

A different sort of hashtag that produced a bit within the 2019 as an easy way getting TERFs to battle right back just after getting called away to be transphobic.

TIM/TIF (Trans Recognized Male/Female) [ modify ]

Words regularly misgender trans girls (TIM) and men (TIF), when you are meanwhile in addition to doubt they are trans (which is not a bona-fide material, considering TERFs), through the now became-into-dogwhistle «pick since» phrase.

Also, they are used because they don’t secure the emails off brand new recommended gender (as opposed to mtF, ftM), and since he could be normally male (Tim/Timothy) otherwise female (Tiffany) brands.

Lightweight minority of males [ change ]

An easy method TERFs identify trans women, so you’re able to declare that they are are silenced by the an excellent «tiny fraction of patriarchy».

Tranorexia [ revise ]

Refers to a belief one of TERFs one to are trans is comparable to help you anorexia, and should end up being managed because of the promising the individual to accept themselves since cis, unlike by providing scientific transition («do not offer anorexics fat loss surgery!») The word is additionally familiar with advise that being trans are a fad or phase certainly youngsters, hence more youthful trans guys within their teens otherwise very early twenties might have been anorexic females if they’d grown throughout the 1990’s otherwise 2000s. «Tranorexia» are a kind of assistance to have Conversion process Medication.

Transage [ revise ]

A few someone desire to be seen as «transage» we.elizabeth., effect that they are a specific decades aside from than just the chronological age. [mention cuatro] The concept might be referenced by the TERFs or any other right-side trolls who argue that just like the rules does not recognize transage some one, it should maybe not enable altering an individual’s sex label. It was promoted into the TERF groups by the a post positing a beneficial hypothetical circumstance where a couple of forty-five-year-olds must legitimately change their years to enable them to located gurus they if you don’t would not be eligible to (including an older citizen’s travelling solution), implying this is also as to why transgender some body changeover. Which term could also be used because of the pedophiles so you can justify their interest to help you minors.

Trans cult [ edit ]

An effective conspiracy concept you to accuses transgender organizations to be an effective cult. Just after looking at symptoms of a possibly malicious cult, indeed, the contrary is true: it’s TERFs by themselves who happen to be the brand new cult.

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