Toph attempted the girl most useful, however, to safeguard Appa regarding are taken from the sandbenders

Toph attempted the girl most useful, however, to safeguard Appa regarding are taken from the sandbenders

After the Hundred-year Battle, Toph Avatar, merely to register back-up with them whenever she heard Appa flying over the Beifong Metalbending Academy in advance of the newest skirmish at the Yu Dao. Because he was deep when you look at the reflection with Roku, Aang failed to appear to quickly realize she got returned; however, once they got arrived, he greeted the woman having an embrace exactly as Katara and you may Sokka had, a matter produced somewhat hard by the fact that he previously obviously outgrown Toph in the last 12 months (paid from the his flexing off and her looking at the guidelines out of this lady foot during the kiss).

Following war, Aang together with recommended Toph to consume make very she was «healhty» and you can an enthusiastic «desire in order to earthbenders everywhere», even if she simply discover a few foods are bearable. [27] [28]

Inside the arrest away from Yakone, Toph still known as Avatar of the nickname «Twinkle Leg», even with his complaints that he are 40 years dated, which he reported to be «too old to possess nicknames». [29]

Toph disliked and dreaded flying, whilst made her it is blind and you can severed this lady connection to the world; at best, she appeared as an alternative bored and you may restless when you are flying toward Appa. It was emphasized whenever she stated having saw the titular collection off Appa’s right back, in order to encourage the lady family members you to definitely she is actually blind. [30]

Toph indicated hate towards Appa whenever she angrily realized that Appa’s shedding left a huge path one invited Azula to locate them regardless of how far or prompt they flew. [16]

She try unable to endeavor this lady hardest, while the she is possessed that have keeping Aang, Katara, and you may Sokka’s simply log off off an ancient library off losing towards sand, hence restricted this lady show. That it brought about the woman so you can falter inside the protecting Appa, anything she tearfully apologized to the bison at under this lady breath as he was dragged out. [30] Whenever Aang angrily lashed away on their getting failing to include Appa, she failed to you will need to safeguard by herself within her usual trend and you will stayed quiet, demonstrating one to she blamed by herself greatly for shedding Appa in spite of the activities which have managed to make it impractical to save your self him.

Toph, including everybody, was thrilled observe Appa once again when he returned to the new category within River Laogai. [31] Despite the woman persistent dislike to possess flying, Toph cared more and more Appa for the later on attacks.


Toph harbored high admiration and you may empathy to the these types of pets. Whenever she was more youthful, she went on the move and you can satisfied this type of icon earthbenders in a cave. She accepted by herself included, because the she know their loss of sight. It exhibited the lady affection also and ultimately trained the lady earthbending, particularly their way of sensing the surroundings to-be able to see. The fresh badgermoles were Toph’s correct positives and also for so it need, she exhibited esteem when you find yourself revealing her or him. [7]


Bolin got started to idolize Toph as the discoverer out of metalbending and one of the best earthbenders at this moment. Toph met Bolin when she met up which have Lin and Opal on the goal in order to help save with the rest of Suyin’s household members. Toph was suspicious out of Bolin’s eager emotions and designed a tremendously negative impact regarding him whenever she unearthed that he had immediately following worked for Kuvira, specifically for her granddaughter’s date. not, Toph performed beginning to warm up so you can Bolin in their travels. As they camped, she declared you to definitely she have instructed him in order to metalbend within her academy, even though Bolin is actually somewhat embarassed from his failure to accomplish so, Toph is actually satisfied when he indicated that he could lavabend. The very next day, it did along with Lin so you can save your self the newest Beifong nearest and dearest. By the end of one’s travel, Toph and Bolin got a friendly relationships, but he may still irritate her: When Toph try claiming goodbye so you’re able to this lady girl, Bolin interrupted this new heartwarming minute, and you may Toph wished the rest of the girl friends a secure travel back to your «gumflapper». [1]

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