Yu Han Sung: He was test manager of the second Flooring

Yu Han Sung: He was test manager of the second Flooring

Viole generally seems to look for the woman while the a supply of information and you may requires the woman words so you can cardiovascular system when she admonishes him to possess his behavior whenever dealing with Rachel. It needs to be indexed, you to even with Baam was reunited together with his loved ones regarding flooring regarding decide to try, Hwa Ryun still merely calls him Viole.

Historically, it seems Baam’s relationship with Light has turned a tiny bearable, as the Baam searched prepared to trust your and you may White encouraging Baam to make use of the effectiveness of this new souls to the your very he you certainly will most useful struggle Kallavan

He first fits Baam throughout the second floors since a test movie director, if in case Baam gets betrayed of the Rachel that’s kept alone, he is one that shows Baam along with Ha Jinsung. The guy said that in the event the Baam cannot http://datingranking.net/nl/sparky-overzicht end up being slayer applicant, they will certainly eliminate from their household members, starting with Rachel. The guy will teach Baam of numerous event linked to wave managing, in the event Baam will not instance using them.

They also satisfy both on the hidden floors, however, Yu Hansung as an everyday. They fulfill each other from inside the fruit of good and you may worst. Yu Hansung conserves Baam and Androssi from providing killed by the you to of one’s barriers, regardless if Baam detests Yu Hansung so much, Yu Hansung will not know that. Yu Hansung support him satisfy Khun Eduan.

If the Hell Illustrate happens on the last channel, Yu Hansung helps Baam refrain as a consequence of of numerous rankers and you can high rankers. Yu Hansung informs Baam he increased.

It is undecided regardless of if their matchmaking is among the most legitimate relationship, otherwise regarding mere partners of benefits at present

Karaka : He could be 11th slayer regarding FUG. A fellow student regarding Ha Jinsung. Karaka basic appears regarding term search station that have Viole, and blocking his way to the brand new Heck Instruct. Having Yuri, Yihwa, and some others’ help, Viole escapes on Train and you will Karaka does not score your.

Then, over the past route, when Zahard’s military arrives and attacks Regulars on heck instruct, the guy aids in his ideal, understanding that Ha Jinsung picked Viole more than your, and Karaka chooses to help Viole get out of the last station.

White : He or she is tenth slayer of FUG. They are to start with regarding Arie Relatives, though the guy meets FUG and you can becomes a great slayer thought revenge on Arie Hon. The guy basic claims that he’s Hoaqin, just an effective D review Regular who’s a great slayer candidate, after that fights having Viole over slayer applicant through upwards an excellent video game called Dallar reveal on Hell Show. They are beaten by the Viole and those who was indeed slain because of the White.

Next, when White gets all their fuel backs, even about past duplicate, the guy facilitate Viole from the history station, and he faints twice in the act, regardless of if he caused it to be their energies straight back. Even though Viole rejects to obtain help from him, Light however remains helping Viole avoid.

When Light decided to go to Baam’s job throughout the Cat Tower, Baam understands that White is helping your given that he desires something from your rather than providing your of goodwill. Once knowing Light killed Arkraptor and you may Prince, Baam try prepared to exposure their most recent objective and you can indicated a killing purpose to the Light to help you avenge their companions.

Khel Hellam : Among the Elders off FUG, Khel Hellam initial didn’t have too much of a viewpoint towards the Baam, are more than willing so you’re able to destroy your, but shortly after enjoying Baam was able to alter future in order to resist their predictions because of the removing him out-of his command over Doom, Hellam began viewing Baam’s potential as the something which you will counter actually Zahard’s, in the event he’d be more than simply prepared to eliminate him when the the guy turned out to be dark.

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